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Technology – Why We Talk About It

Lots of people love to talk about the future but the reality is that many of them forget to talk about how they’re using today’s technologies, let’s talk technology. What technologies are we talking about? Lets look at a few. One of the most common technologies that is being used is radio waves. It has […]

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Is Technology For Our Children Really Good For Them?

My first question to anyone considering the use of technology for our children is, “What’s wrong with technology?” If you’ve been to a child-friendly event, such as an amusement park, you may have noticed a trend toward media games. It seems that everyone at the right age is playing games. But I have to say, […]

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The Coming Techno-Dystopia

Much of the information out there about the future of technology and the future of society seems to deal with the way people are working together with technology to help in their daily lives. There is a new book by Ray Kurzweil, the famous futurist, that tries to answer questions that are important to the […]

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What is the Future?

“In theĀ future, everything will be connected to technology” is an interesting but fairly vague statement. The future certainly has a lot of things in it and people have some ideas about what is going to happen. They say that everything will be electronic and for most people, it sounds like a great idea. But do […]

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What Has Changed?

Tech Talk is the reason that a lot of people learn to speak technology and the principles of creating an information highway that is crucial for everyone’s productivity. In this article I will discuss some of the major points that you should be familiar with. Focus: It is always important to first focus on the […]

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Understanding the Advancements in Technology

Technology is a powerful force that influences every aspect of our lives. It affects not only how we live but also how we interact with the world. It affects how we learn, learn what to learn, and what we can share with others. Now, technology is such a pervasive form of media that it has […]

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Learn About Technology and the Internet

You may be able to learn about technology and how it can affect your life and career. In fact, there are so many aspects to learn about that you may just have no idea what is going on in the world of technology. First of all, you can learn about technology through the Internet. There […]

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You Can Learn to Love Technology

Technology talk is one of the most important things to have on your lips when you walk into a room. It’s hard to find good conversations and relationships when you can’t even get past the surface. Start looking at your technology talk habits and see if you can do something about it. Don’t be afraid […]

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Technology and Computers – A Massive Way of Connecting

Technology and computers are a big part of our lives. They have both enhanced and reduced our ability to do certain things. It has made the everyday life very easy. But, it has also made our lives more complicated. The first generation of computers was called MS-DOS. Computers were invented as early as in the […]

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Lets Talk Technology -Is Your Computer Ready?

Let’s Talk Technology gives you a crash course in the things you need to know about the desktop computer and the networking that go along with it. It’s also a fun read because so much of what you need to know is just so much fun! A number of companies now produce Internet-connected appliances like […]

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