Is Technology For Our Children Really Good For Them?

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My first question to anyone considering the use of technology for our children is, “What’s wrong with technology?” If you’ve been to a child-friendly event, such as an amusement park, you may have noticed a trend toward media games.

It seems that everyone at the right age is playing games.

But I have to say, these games, whether they are computer based or video game type, are not very good for our children. As parents, we have a responsibility to teach our children to control their emotions. We need to teach them how to handle the media we expose them to in an appropriate way.

Another question I often ask myself is, “What is wrong with computer games?” They may be fun, but most of these computer games contain violent content, and that’s not something our children should be exposed to.

The media, television and video games all used video games as an outlet for bad feelings. That’s not a very good outlet for children, who are being introduced to this.

One reason why I say that video games are not the right thing for our children is that some studies show that video games can increase aggression. Many studies also show that children exposed to violent media activities had a higher tendency to become aggressive when they were younger.

For instance, the characters in some of the video games, such as fighting games or shooting games, carry weapons and if kids pick up on certain online elements in the games, such as blood, this can be used to provoke aggression in children. With all of the action packed violence you see on television, it can be hard to keep your children from picking up some of these elements.

The education plays a large role in teaching children to deal with problems in the right way.

Because of the inherent dangers of video games, parents need to be especially careful about the type of games they purchase for their children.

According to one study, children who play computer games and television shows were more likely to get into fights. Because these games are violent, many parents don’t think about other alternatives for children. And in this country, being a good role model to children is very important.

Parents need to have the confidence to say no, when it comes to choosing media for their children, because if they are not a great role model, it’s not very helpful to them. It is not enough to simply say, “We don’t want them to watch television or read books,” because that is not enough. So what else can parents do?

Here’s one tip for parents who are parents: Start by making time for their children. Helping them with homework, reading to them, doing crafts with them, or any other task that involves them is going to help with any negatives associated with technology for our children.

And remember, you are the parent, so you are in charge of the decisions that are made for your child. This means that you are in charge of whether or not they want to watch television.

  • And it also means that you are in charge of any decisions that involve their video games.
  • With all of the information available, you shouldn’t have to guess what type of television a child is interested in.
  • There are many ways to get your child involved in healthy media choices.